Halloween – Zoo Style

Halloween - Zoo Style

Every Halloween Riverbanks Zoo in nearby Columbia, South Carolina does Boo at the Zoo throughout the month of October.  The zoo is all decorated for Halloween with lights and stations set up for the kids to trick-or-treat.  The kids really enjoy it as do Chris and I and sadly we've missed the past two years.  Last year, we bought our house on Halloween so we were in the midst of packing and … [Read more...]

I’m a stay at home mom, what’s your super power?

I'm a stay at home mom, what's your super power?

Oh, the classic debate of which is harder, being a working mom or stay at home mom. Both have a list of pros and cons. I've been a working mom. Working over 40 hours a week, getting home just in time to serve supper, bathe the kids and tuck them in for the night. Now, I'm a stay at home mom and man have things changed. As a working mom, a luxury for me was spending the day at the spa being … [Read more...]