Afternoon adventure with Jensen

I drop Jensen off in the mornings from 8-12 for some socialization for him and r&r (yeah right!) for me.  We usually grab some lunch and head back to the house to eat and get ready for nap time.  Today was especially nice for us because the boys had an after school play date so we were able to spend some one on one time together.  So here you go, an afternoon adventure with Jensen.  Please forgive the clarity of the photos.  I took them with my phone just as snap shots before I decided to make this blog.


Picked Little Boo up!  Obviously he’s hungry and grumpy.  Nothing new.



We decided on Subway!  He was totally excited that his “famwhich” came in a Mickey Mouse bag.  He got his usual turkey on wheat.

IMG_9203[1] IMG_9205[1]


Nap time!  Okay, you may notice that his shirt is not the same color as in the other pictures and that’s because I didn’t take one.  This blog post was spur of the moment.  I do however have a phone full of pictures and was able to find one of my sleeping baby. IMG_8359[1]


So I let him sleep super late because I took a nap too.  I needed to go to Sams Club so I loaded him up and we were on our merry way.  Bye Sasha, you can’t go!  Yes, that’s her with her face in the blinds whining because we are leaving her.



As I pulled in to Sams, Jensen informed me that Sams made him “dizzy”.  By this time I realized that it’s Friday afternoon and it was packed and we should just head on to Harris Teeter and then I spotted “it”.  “It” was a huge turtle so naturally we had to go pet it.

IMG_9213[1] IMG_9217[1] IMG_9216[1]


I swear, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.

IMG_9221[1] IMG_9222[1] IMG_9223[1] IMG_9224[1] IMG_9225[1]

He may be scarred for life but I meant I was getting a picture of him on that turtle.


IMG_9231[1] IMG_9232[1] IMG_9233[1]


Off to the “Teeter” we go.  If you go as much as me, you develop a healthy relationship with all the workers.  So after a little socializing and free cookies, we were ready to check out.

IMG_9236[1] IMG_9237[1]


And no trip to the Teeter is complete without a ride on Harry.  This is the best penny you will ever spend.  Can you tell he was “checking out” the Girl Scouts who were selling cookies?




It’s days like these that I realize how precious my children are and how important one on one time is even if it’s only an afternoon trip to the grocery store.  In my crazy life you are never certain of what you’ll find.