Love Really Does Conquer All

Many things come along with parenthood. It’s not always rainbows and sunshine. There will be sleepless nights and moments when you feel as though you could pull your hair out while screaming at the top of your lungs. There will be a day when you take them to the beach to a trip to Build A Bear for their birthday and they will puke on the brand new bear on the way home. They will even poop in your driveway just because the dog did it. You may even get to experience your child breaking a bone at the hands of his sibling. A parent may even confront you about your child saying some not so nice words and showing off some unpleasant sign language he learned on the playground when she returns them from a play date. By the way, these are all true stories of my journey in motherhood. My kids have me at my whits end sometimes but the love I have for them conquers all.

On the flip side there will be many days that when out of nowhere you get a big hug, kiss and “I love you Mommy”. You will also get many wonderful works of art by your little artist. You will never have to worry about having a Valentine because Mommy is their number one choice. Need a date? No worries there either, they are always up for dinner and a movie. You will also have the best backup singers in the world as you teach them all the wonders and excitement of your favorite tunes. And they will never question your dance moves, they will just groove along with you.

I never really knew love until giving birth to my first son. The feelings I felt when I looked at his sweet little face for the first time were indescribable. I still to this day and three sons later cannot put in to words the love I have for them. Having my children showed me such a deep love; it changed me for the better. Every decision I make as a parent, the affect it will have on my children is thought of first. I may have not had a storybook childhood and that’s okay, it showed me all the things I do and don’t want my children to experience. I know I’m not perfect and I am not trying to be but if I can take mistakes of my childhood and turn them in to a positive then it was worth it for me.

I have been blessed with the ability to be a stay at home mom. This allows me to not miss one single moment of my children’s life and I am so happy that I actually do want to be there. It’s not something I’m doing because I feel like I have to. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing my child smile as I attend a school program or that proud grin I get when my child hits the ball in baseball. I want them to know that I love them so much and I am always here for them, my husband and I both. I know right now, they are being molded into the people they will be be for the rest of their lives. We are a very tight knit family unit. I hope that we are always blessed to have such a loving relationship as we do now. My biggest fear is letting them down, not living up to high expectations I have set for myself. If I do let them down, I am sure the love they have for me will conquer that since my love for them seems to conquer all.

me and kids